First Ever Trash Bash on March 25

Join us for our first “Trash Bash,  a 90 minute town wide cleanup.

Businesses in the area are partnering to help bring volunteers.

How’s it work?

Everyone is meeting at 11:45 in the parking lot by McDonalds by the mall. Supplies will be provided and you be assigned a pre-scouted area to cleanup, which will run from 12-1:30.

At 1:30 meet back at the parking lot to return supplies then head over to McDonalds next door and order food for no cost.

This event is brought to you by E.C.O. Eureka, the Pac Out Green Team, and I Like Eureka. McDonalds is sponsoring the event by offering free lunch to volunteers. Businesses who are involved with be announced on the blog as the information develops.

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