Willpower 101 for November 2016 – Special Holiday Session

Worried about staying on track during the holidays?

We will take a non-judgmental look at the behaviors we do that get in the way or our success, especially during this busy time of year. We’ll figure out what we get from them and how to get those benefits without the pain of the side effects.

If you have ever promised to get fit, lose weight, stress less, or just lead a healthier lifestyle – and you didn’t stick with it – this monthly, uplifting, powerful, interactive session is exactly what you need! Powerful coaching and direction from professional motivator, Scott “Q” Marcus.

The next session is Saturday, November 19, from 10AM-noon at the Adorni Center. We will take a look at getting through the holidays.

As always, it will be educational but uplifting; fun and engaging. Bring friends.

Register here  at our new easier-to-use site (or here at Eureka Parks and Recreation directly).

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