Putting the “Fun” Back Into Basketball “Fundamentals”

Youth sports has the unique ability to make everyone involved feel like a winner.

The City of Eureka’s Hoopsters Youth Basketball league provides a platform for youth to engage in a physically healthy activity, develop character, create strong peer relationships, learn teamwork, engage in their community and much more!
This valuable opportunity in a child’s life is why the City of Eureka is proud to announce that we will be shifting the focus of the Hoopsters Youth Basketball Program to a developmental league—a league that empowers coaches to collaborate with officials to put the focus on player development & basketball instruction.

What changes can I expect to see in this new developmental league?

Elimination of Post-Season Tournament

Hoopsters will no longer be offering a post-season tournament.  This is done in effort to take performance pressure off your child during the Hoopsters season.  Every child’s skill level differs and this change will allow each child to feel a sense of accomplishment by giving it their absolute best personal effort.  Our goal is to create a culture where each child can work hard to reach their own personal goals regardless of what degree or level of skill they are currently at.

Elimination of Team Assignments

In effort to keep a fair and balanced league, as well as ensure the emotional safety of our participants; the process of team assignments will be eliminated. The City of Eureka will now assign teams with designated players for the season based on the Team Placement Criteria Form.  Each individual head coach, assistant coach & team sponsor will still be allowed one automatic assignment per team.

Elimination of standings for 3rd/4th grade teams.

The focus on the Hoopsters Youth Basketball Developmental League is to encourage, empower and teach character development and basic basketball developmental skills.  The 3rd/4th grade teams are just being introduced to basketball and officials and coaches are deliberately more lenient on various violations (I.E Traveling, Double-Dribbing.)  This age group will not be held to the same standard, as the objective of the game isn’t to win—but to help your child develop personal and technical skills.

Zero Tolerance for breaking of Coaches Agreement.

The role of a coach is one of the most important roles that a person can play in the life of a child.  In addition to coaching the fundamentals of basketball, coaches are playing the pivotal part of a role model in a child’s life.   Children look to up to coaches to teach them appropriate behavior; and whether coaches are critical or positive about game play, officials or opposing players and teams, the children will adopt those same attitudes.  While the City of Eureka does its absolute best to recruit, vet and train the best role models for this very important role-we have implemented a coaches’ agreement to ensure appropriate behavior is showcased at all times; and there will be a zero tolerance for breaking that agreement.    However, just because a coach behaves badly, doesn’t mean the children should suffer the consequences of being a coachless team; so in the event of coaches’ removal, the assistant coach will be put in charge of team—if no coach is available, City of Eureka staff will be assigned to a team until a permanent replacement coach can be found.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work towards building the best program that we can for your child.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Hoopsters Program, or these changes, please feel free to contact the Recreation Supervisor at 707-441-4240.

To find out about the Hoopsters program and get a form to sign up, follow this link.

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