July Inspirational Podcast on Line

FREE!In this episode, Kim Bergel interviews co-host Scott ‘Q’ Marcus on his background as a professional motivator and speaker.

In case you wondered why Scott “Q” Marcus and Kim Bergel were chosen to host this monthly motivational podcast, you’ll start to find out in this episode where Kim interviews Scott on how he was picked to be the host.

You’ll also find out about how to get past large barriers to change, why the word “should” is harmful to your success, how to deal with the invisible committee of “they” who are always telling you that you’re not good enough, and how to be more compassionate with yourself when you’re changing a barrier (as well as why that matters).

It’s a light-hearted fun interview that will not only inspire you but give you tools to improve your own willpower and get past what’s holding you back.

Listen to it on your computer by following this link.

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Episodes are available the third Friday of each month at noon!

  • You can subscribe on iTunes by following this link.
  • You can listen on line at www.Cape-media.com, catch up on past inspirational episodes at this page.
  • Unsure what a podcast is? Go here.
  • Want a quick overview on all your options and how to hear podcasts? Go here.


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