We’re in the Podcast business! CAPE Media has arrived!

We have officially launched a whole series of podcasts to keep you informed about what’s happening in Eureka.

Eureka Community Services and the Community Access Project for Eureka (CAPE) is launching CAPE Media.  Watch this short video to find out about CAPE Media, and new and exciting COMMUNITY PODCASTS coming out!

Visit CAPE-MEDIA.com (don’t forget the dash) to subscribe or to listen on-line. You can also get them through your podcast app. (Search for “Cape Media”.)

There are four podcasts, each one is monthly, and each ones “drops” (luanches) on a different Friday of the month at noon.

  • This Month in Eureka Rec
  • EPD Ride Along
  • Eureka Entrepeneur
  • This Time I Mean It

Need help understanding podcasts and how to listen to them? Follow this link.

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