Adorni Center Multi Pass

Multi Pass FAQ

What is the Discount Multi-Pass?

It’s for people who aren’t paying members of The Adorni but would like to attend some of our classes on a regular basis. Instead of paying our drop-in fee for non-members (usually $7 per session), a non-member can purchase a Discount Multi-Pass and get ten drop-ins of our standard classes for only $50.

Why can’t a member buy a Multi Pass?

There’s no need. For most classes, members don’t pay. It’s included in their membership. Therefore, there’s no need to buy one.

(However, Multi-Passes do make great gifts for the fitness enthusiast in your life. Hint. Hint.)

What if I want to join?

Well, woo-hoo! We’d love to have you. You would get all the benefits of the Multi Pass plus our Buddy Pass so you can invite your friends at no additional charge.

Are there any restrictions on the Multi Pass?

Not really; in effect, it makes the User of the card an “honorary member” while he or she is using it so whatever would apply to a member, applies to a Multi Pass user. It’s all lined out on the back of the card.

Can a member of another gym or health club buy a Discount Multi Pass?

As a matter of fact, that was one of the reasons we created it. Similar to the “Companion Travels Free” Buddy Pass, we understand that members of other gyms who don’t have the array of classes and offerings we provide might want to attend some of ours but still wish to remain a member where they are. As much as we’d love them to join The Adorni, we respect their decisions to stay where they are but have provided the Discount Multi Pass as a method in which they can get the best of both worlds.

To take it one better, if a member of another gym or health club buys a Discount Multi Pass and tells us that he or she is a member of another organization, we’ll even give that person an additional free class as a thank you for stopping by, making it 11 classes for $50, instead of $10.

Oh yes, what’s with the wristband for non-members?

It’s just our way of keeping track of who is a member and who is a guest so our staff can make sure everyone gets the support they deserve.

Do the different colors of wristbands mean anything?

Nope, just our way of adding some color to your life. There are five different colors; collect them all. (Guests take the wristbands when they leave but if they return, they can bring back their wristband if they choose.)

Will The Adorni pressure non-members to join?

No chance! No sales pitches, no high pressure; just world-class service and wide array of options for everyone in our community. That’s why we are here.

Where do I go if I have questions?

Ask the person at the front desk or call us at (707) 441-4248.