Buddy Pass FAQ

What is the “Companion Travels Free” Buddy Pass?

Fitness is better when you’re on the path with your friends. So, the “Companion Travels Free” Buddy Pass allows you to invite a friend (or several) to come with you to The Adorni and take part in the same classes or activities you like – at the same price you pay as a member. So, if members get a special members-only discount, your buddy gets the same discount! If it’s included in your membership, like so many of our offerings are, they don’t pay a cent either.

As example, if you’d like a buddy to check out a Zumba class with you but she doesn’t want to pay the drop in fee for a non-member, no problem. If you attend and she comes with you – it’s free for her, just like it is for you. Want to lift weights with your pal? Bring him along at no charge. It’s all part of the “Companion Travels Free” Buddy Pass.

Are there any restrictions to the “Companion Travels Free” Buddy Pass?

Well, it wouldn’t be fair to you if your friends got all the benefits you did and never had to pay, would it?

So, the “Companion Travels Free” Buddy Pass gives you five sessions for every 12 months of active membership to share with your friends. You can have one friend use all five or five friends each use one – or anything in between. The only other requirements are that you must be a current, paying member of The Adorni at the time you’re using it.

Oh yes, and once a year, your friend will have to fill out our standard waiver that everyone fills out prior to participating in any activities.

What happens if my friend already attends another gym or club?

Great! We’d love to meet. No pressure; just have him come along with you. One of the reasons we devised the “Companion Travels Free” Buddy Pass was because we knew that some folks are members of other fitness centers where they don’t have the wide variety of offerings we do. Now, they can maintain their memberships elsewhere but still join you at The Adorni. It’s the best of both worlds!

How do I get my Buddy Pass?

All you have to do is come down to The Adorni and pick it up from the front desk. It’ll take a whopping minute or two to make sure you’re a member, but that’s it. Then call some friends and invite them to get in on the fun.

How do I use my Buddy Pass?

Come to the front desk with your Buddy and tell the friendly, smiling staff person which class you and your buddy would like to attend. He or she will make sure you’re a member, punch your Buddy Pass, give your Buddy a choice of wristbands, and send you on your way.

How many buddies can I bring?

The total is five Buddy visits a year. That means the you can bring one person five times, five different people one time each, or even bring five people all at once. Of course that would use up your Buddy pass for the entire year, but you’d have a great time — and if your friends wanted, they could pick up some Multi-Passes so they could continue to come back again and again. (More about that here.)

Does everyone get a Buddy Pass?

If you’re a member, it’s yours. End of story.

Oh yes, what’s with the wristband for non-members?

It’s just our way of keeping track of who is a member and who is a guest so our staff can make sure everyone gets the support they deserve.

Do the different colors of wristbands mean anything?

Nope, just our way of adding some color to your life. There are five different colors; collect them all. (Guests take the wristbands when they leave but if they return, they can bring back their wristband if they choose.)

Will The Adorni pressure non-members to join?

No chance! No sales pitches, no high pressure; just world-class service and wide array of options for everyone in our community. That’s why we are here.

Where do I go if I have questions?

Ask the person at the front desk or call us at (707) 441-4248.