Should We Rename 20-30 Park?

Let us know what you think. Take a quick survey.

The City of Eureka needs your input on the potential renaming of 20-30 Park.

With the park slated to receive major upgrades, we have a rare opportunity to rethink 20-30 Park’s identity and begin a new era for this neighborhood landmark.
Whether you have a new name idea or you would like the park’s name to remain the same, please let us know.

Give us your input at

Eureka Teens – Take a Quick Survey

If you’re between the ages of 13 and 19 and live in or attend school in the greater Eureka area, we need your input.

The Eureka Youth Council is conducting an anonymous survey to collect information on your economic, environmental and social concerns; health and well-being, extracurricular and recreational needs and more. The information will help the City better understand how you live, learn, work, and play, and what could be improved or implemented to give you a higher quality of life in Eureka.

Find the survey at

What is Eureka Youth Council?

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6th and 7th St Lane Reduction Survey

If you drive 6th and 7th Streets on your way to work or during the course of your day, you’ve probably noticed the temporary lane reduction we’ve put into place this week.  We’re trying to get feedback from residents and motorists to learn what people think of the temporary change.  Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey linked below and give us your thoughts.

For more information on this project in particular, as well as other transportation safety efforts in the works, please check out

Some high-level information about the 6th and 7th Street project is below.

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Construction and Demolition Industry Survey

Are you in the construction and demolition industry?

Please take our survey to help us better understand the current waste disposal and reuse trends in the industry.

You can take the survey online here:

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Gulches and Greenways Planning Effort

Tell us what you think!

The City’s gulches are gullies or ravines that vary in size and topography. The City’s greenways are the vegetated areas within and adjacent to these gulch­es. Please help the City develop preservation/ man­agement standards for the City’s gulches and greenways. How to participate:

Take an online survey here (Paper copies are available upon request.)

Attend a virtual Public Workshop on March 29th at 5:30 p.m.

All Eureka citizens and community stakeholders are encouraged to attend. Register in advance by following this link:

Questions? Contact Development Services – Planning at or (707) 441-4160.

Learn more on the City’s website.

Click here to do that.

City of Eureka Parking Plan Survey

The City of Eureka is developing a Parking Plan.

This plan will analyze the existing parking demand and supply and provide implementable strategies that balance the parking utilization for all users, including residents, business employers and visitors. With increasing development in Downtown Eureka, the City will continue to thrive and attract more vehicular trips resulting in an increase in parking demand. Parking strategies will uphold the objectives to ensure balanced use of public parking while maintaining the economic vibrancy of Downtown Eureka.

Project Area

Take a Survey

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Carson Park Improvement Survey

What do you envision? Take the survey now!

The City of Eureka is seeking community input. In preparation for future improvements, we need to know how you envision the future of this park.

  • What sports would you like to see?
  • What style of playground equipment would you like to see?
  • What are your thoughts on the current building and restrooms?
  • What type of community events would you like to see?
  • What features of inclusive parks for all ages and abilities are important to you?
  • What improvements could be made to accommodate group activities?

Take the survey now by going to
this link.

Questions? Call 707-441-4206

Cooper Gulch Input Survey

This is your last chance to share your thoughts.

The City of Eureka is applying for funding to make improvements to Cooper Gulch Park and would like hear your thoughts on improvements of this community space. Your opinions about park improvements are crucial to the park proposal that will be submitted for grant funding.

Please take a few minutes to take our Cooper Gulch Park Improvement Survey to share your thoughts. We want to be sure that everyone is invited to voice their opinion in this FINAL public outreach opportunity.

Can’t take the survey online?

Call the Humboldt County Library at 707-269-1915 (11AM-4PM Tues-Sat) and request a paper survey for curbside pickup.

Stay up to date on this grant opportunity at

Special thanks to our Community Partners:

  • Cooper Gulch Common Grounds
  • Empower Eureka
  • Eureka High School
  • Humboldt Trails Council Humboldt County Library – Eureka Main Branch, Humboldt County Office of Education,
  • Tri-County Independent Living – Eureka
  • Redwood Community Action Agency RCAA
  • Humboldt Trails Council Volunteer Trail Stewards

CalTrans Looking for Local Traffic Safety Help

Caltrans (District 1) in Eureka is looking for help in developing its very first District 1 Active Transportation Plan.

This is a really exciting “first” for them. They’re identifying locations on state highways throughout the entire District (Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, and Mendocino Counties) where pedestrians and bicyclists need better infrastructure to encourage more safe and comfortable trips made on foot or by bicycle.

Public input is VERY important in this effort, and that’s why they’re asking for your help. They’d love to know your opinions about where things can be improved for pedestrians and cyclists and have developed an online mapping survey ( so you can locate areas where your have walking or biking concerns. The survey closes November 30, 2020. 

If you have something to say that isn’t easily captured through the survey, you can contact them at:

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