Cooper Gulch After School Program Enrollment Now Open

Cooper Gulch after school program enrollment open now.

Fifty percent scholarships are now available for the Cooper Gulch After School Program for qualifying families.  First come, first serve, and for a limited time. (A special thank you goes out to Humboldt Sponsors for allowing us to reallocate unused summer camp scholarship funds.)


  • Location: Cooper Gulch
  • Cost: Average monthly enrollment cost is between $110 – $150. (Varies from month to month based on the number of days of operation and reflect holidays and other closures)
  • Hours: Monday 1:30-5:30 PM, Tuesday-Friday from 2:30 to 5:30pm
  • For Youth ages 5-11

To register, please call 707.441.4248 or visit the Adorni Community Center at 1011 Waterfront Drive.

About the school:

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Adorni Center Fitness Modifications

The Adorni Center is open for fitness activities with the following modifications:

  • A mask or face covering must be worn at all times in the facility;
  • Entry to the facility will be limited to the entrance on the Bay Side;
  • Fitness classes and equipment may be limited to accommodate social distancing;
  • Locker rooms and Personal Training will not be available at this time;
  • Drop-in basketball and pickleball will not be available at this time;
  • Updated facility hours will be Monday – Friday 8am – 7pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm and closed on Sundays.

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Reminder About Eureka Parks’ Usage

We’re all tired of being socially distant.

We’ll be able to use the playgrounds at our parks again but until the pandemic passes, please remember to be socially distant and not to use the park’s group areas.

Reminder About Eureka Parks’ Usage

We’re all tired of being socially distant.

But if we work together, we’ll pull through it quicker. Enjoy our parks but please don’t use the group areas until it’s safe.

UPDATE: Eureka CRV Buyback CLOSED Until Further notice


Traffic Congestion Impacting Del Norte Street, Fetl Street and W. Hawthorne Street

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, September 3

(Eureka, CA) Due to the overwhelming demand and long lines of customers entering the Eureka Recycling Center for CRV Buyback services, Humboldt Waste Management Authority is closing CRV Buyback Service until further notice.

The closure is necessary due to traffic congestion, safety issues to businesses, lack of emergency access, and difficulty of trash customers, contractors, and franchise haulers able to access the Transfer Station. Continue reading UPDATE: Eureka CRV Buyback CLOSED Until Further notice

City of Eureka Reminds Residents of Park and Trail Rules During COVID-19

This post was updated on 10/1/20 to reflect changed per the State of California. New image also uploaded. 

The City of Eureka has seen an increase in public gatherings at City parks and trails and would like to clarify permitted uses of public spaces at this time.

Public gatherings of individuals outside of the household remain prohibited in public spaces by both State and Local Health Officer Orders in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 to the maximum extent possible and mitigate the impact on delivery of critical healthcare services.

The City of Eureka recognizes the benefits of the outdoors during this challenging time and would like to assure the community that City parks remain open for exercise and other socially distant activities such as disc golf, singles tennis, trail walking, biking, etc.

Strike-out text below was added as of 10/1/2020

City playgrounds remain closed to maintain proper distancing and prevent surface contamination from shared equipment.

Caution tape and signage have been utilized to communicate the closure of this equipment. We ask the community to please not remove or displace this caution tape. The best rule of thumb is to not use any amenity with caution tape, or anything that requires you to touch, grab, or climb, etc. City park basketball courts also remain closed due to the close proximity required of individuals during game play.

Public gatherings of individuals outside of the household in parks and public spaces are not permitted per State and Local Health Officer Orders. Do not hold picnics, barbeques, parties and any other celebration or gathering of people in public spaces.

If you see a significant violation of this health order, particularly large social gatherings in public spaces, please call 707-441-4203 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, and 707-441-4060 on evenings and weekends.  

Please remember that whenever you are outside of your household and outdoors, you must wear a mask when you cannot keep 6 feet from others.

Be prepared for limited access to public restrooms. Single-use restrooms are open along the waterfront, though multi-stall park restrooms continue to be closed. Residents are urged to bring their own water due to water fountains being closed. Do not use parks or trails if you are exhibiting symptoms. Follow CDC’s guidance on personal hygiene prior to visiting parks or trails. For more information on health guidance, please visit:

Contact: Donna Wood, Interim Community Services Director, 707.268.1858,

Eureka CRV Buyback Reopens With Limited Service

FOR RELEASE: Tuesday, September 1

On Tuesday, September 1st, as part of our phased approach to re-opening, Humboldt Waste Management Authority’s Eureka Recycling Center will resume CRV Buyback redemption services with limited days and hours of service.

The Eureka Recycling is open Tuesday thru Saturday.  Seniors and immunocompromised individuals may drop off CRV and other recyclable materials from 8 am to 9 am. All other customers may visit the site 9am until 4pm.

As the only CRV redemption center reopening in Humboldt, Humboldt Waste Management Authority’s Eureka Recycling Center anticipates a significant demand for buyback services.  Customers are required to arrive with CRV materials pre-sorted, wear face coverings, and abide by the facility’s rules to maintain social distancing.  Sanitizers will be available for customer use.

UPDATE AS OF WED SEPTEMBER 2: Due to the long lines of customers entering the Eureka Recycling Center for CRV Buyback services, Humboldt Waste Management Authority, and the City of Eureka are detouring customers so they enter the recycling center using Del Norte Street to Felt Street to W. Hawthorne Street.

This temporary detour will enable customers to line up without impacting Broadway Street/U.S. Highway 101. 

The average wait time is currently 1 to 2 hours.  HWMA encourages customers to have their recyclable materials presorted prior to arrival and face coverings are required. 

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HCOE Announces Redwood EdVentures Bike Quests

The Humboldt County Office of Education’s Redwood EdVentures program is excited to announce the launch of a new genre of Quests – Redwood EdVentures Bike Quests!

Created in partnership with the Redwood Community Action Agency, three new Quests along trails in Humboldt County have been added to the over two dozen Quests already available up and down the North Coast.

The three new Quests, one along the Eureka Waterfront Trail and two along the Hammond Trail, work just like the rest, but they are designed to be done while riding a bike as they cover more distance.

Redwood EdVentures Quests are fun, educational “treasure hunts” through various North Coast parks. Each Quest has a series of rhyming clues, guiding “EdVenturers” along a short trail to a final clue: the Quest Clue. This clue is the “key” that earns a prize for completing the Quest: A unique Redwood EdVentures Quest Patch. Continue reading HCOE Announces Redwood EdVentures Bike Quests

Eureka Recycling Center Recycling and CRV Buyback FAQs

CRV redemption remains suspended until further notice.

Why has ‘Recycling’’ gone away?

Recycling hasn’t gone away, but CRV Buyback has been suspended. Customers can put recyclable materials in their curbside container or drop recyclables off at any Transfer Station. This includes source-separated and mixed glass, paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastic, and other materials.

Why has CRV Buyback Been Suspended?

HWMA’s priority is to protect our core essential responsibilities to collect, handle, and dispose of over 170 tons of solid wastes that enter our facility daily. An internal outbreak of coronavirus would significantly disrupt our trash handling operations.

There is a higher risk of exposure related to manually handling used beverage containers and cash transactions, coupled with the difficulty of ensuring social distancing and onsite safety guidelines are followed by the public. This threat to employee and community health was also recognized by Governor Newsom’s two Executive Orders allowing certified redemption sites to remain closed.

When will CRV Buyback resume?

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