Two Toddler Soccer Classes Returning in October

Dribble, pass, shoot and score!

Youngsters will learn basic techniques of the world’s most popular, fast-moving game. It’s a real kick (sorry, couldn’t resist) and could anything be much cuter than a bunch of two to five-year-olds having a great time playing with a soccer ball?

Classes are non-competitive and run in a friendly and nurturing environment where parents, family, and friends are encouraged to cheer and support the participants.

Don’t wait to sign up your toddler; these are some of the most popular classes we offer!

The details:

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Men’s Fall Basketball League Information

The fall men’s basketball league starts October 15. Registration starts August 20.

There will not be a league organizational meeting before registration but instead we will have a Manager’s Pre-Season Meeting after registration ends and before the season begins.  The Manager’s Pre-Season Meeting will be on Saturday, October 6th from 10:00-10:30am at the John Ryan Youth Center (1653 J St.)At the meeting we will be discussing league policies and guidelines as well as pass out game schedules.  This is a mandatory meeting that must be attended by the team manager or a team representative.


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Help Beautify Eureka Traffic Boxes

The Eureka Development Services team is inviting you to help beautify traffic boxes throughout Eureka .

This community beautification opportunity will assign volunteers to prepare roughly fifteen boxes for local artists who will be using them as a canvas for their colorful creations! Volunteers will be tasked with sanding and washing down the boxes so the artists are able to begin priming and painting.

The first round of traffic boxes are currently being painted along 4th and 5th Streets during the month of May, and a second round will be painted throughout Eureka from Old Town to Carson Park this Fall.

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