FREE Virtual Conservation Lecture hosted by Sequoia Park Zoo

The Sequoia Park Zoo Conservation Lecture Series is going VIRTUAL for 2020/21

The first virtual lecture is scheduled for Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 6:45pm.

Barbara Clucas will be joining us from Humboldt State University’s Department of Wildlife to discuss Humboldt’s flying squirrels. She was awarded the Zoo’s Conservation Grant in 2019 and looks forward to sharing the results of her research with our community. Zoo updates and information will begin at 6:45 PM with the lecture starting at 7:00 PM promptly. Attendees can ask questions to the speaker at the end of the presentation via the chat box on Zoom. The Zoom link will be available on our website at and on our social media.

Special thanks to Papa & Barkley for sponsoring the Conservation Lecture Series!


  • Wednesday, November 18, 2020
  • Zoo Information begins at 6:45 PM, Lecture begins at 7:00 PM
  • Online via
  • FREE
  • To Join the Zoom Meeting:

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Free October Conservation Lecture at the Zoo

There will be a second free conservation lectures at the Sequoia Park Zoo in October.

conservation-lecture-elephantsFREE Conservation Lecture: Elephants in Tanzania – Friday, October 21

In In their presentation, Elephants – Winning the War on Ivory, Krissie Clark & Wayne Lotter of PAMS Foundation will discuss how an intelligent multiagency approach is the way to win the War on Ivory in Tanzania. This project is supported by Sequoia Park Zoo’s Quarters for Conservation fundraising efforts. PAMS Foundation has revolutionized conventional anti-poaching tactics and notched up remarkable achievements. Using an innovative intelligence-based multi-agency approach, which includes field experts, rangers on the ground, aerial surveillance, prosecutors, investigators, and community support, Tanzania has arrested many of the biggest ivory traders. Attendees will learn how these efforts have reduced Tanzania’s nearly 10,000 elephants killed a year by more than one third.

The Lecture will be held in the Zoo’s Flamingo Room with a reception and conservation crafts sale starting at 6:30. The Lecture will start at 7pm. This is a FREE event!

Visit this page at Sequoia Park Zoo’s website for more information about the lecture and the speaker.

Conservation Lecture at the Sequoia Park Zoo

On Wednesday, March 9, the Sequoia Part Zoo free and ongoing Conservation Lecture Series will feature a presentation about the Equatorial Guinea Bird Initiative by Jared Wolfe, PhD.

FREE!During his presentation, Jared will introduce the birds, forest and people of Equatorial Guinea and talk about the programs developed to identify the birds. “This was our third year teaching a popular seminar on wildlife conservation and management to students at the National University,” said Wolfe. ”Our objective is to build capacity within the government and university to foster effective wildlife conservation and management.”

Wolfe has operated bird banding stations throughout the Western Hemisphere and Africa for academic, non-profit, governmental, and private organizations. He holds many ornithology credentials and is involved with a number of conservation projects.


  • The lecture is FREE and open to the public
  • March 9, 2016
  • Sequoia Park Zoo’s Flamingo Room, 7 pm to 8 pm
  • Reception will be held from 6:30 pm prior to the lecture.

Download a PDF with more information here.