HCOE Announces Redwood EdVentures Bike Quests

The Humboldt County Office of Education’s Redwood EdVentures program is excited to announce the launch of a new genre of Quests – Redwood EdVentures Bike Quests!

Created in partnership with the Redwood Community Action Agency, three new Quests along trails in Humboldt County have been added to the over two dozen Quests already available up and down the North Coast.

The three new Quests, one along the Eureka Waterfront Trail and two along the Hammond Trail, work just like the rest, but they are designed to be done while riding a bike as they cover more distance.

Redwood EdVentures Quests are fun, educational “treasure hunts” through various North Coast parks. Each Quest has a series of rhyming clues, guiding “EdVenturers” along a short trail to a final clue: the Quest Clue. This clue is the “key” that earns a prize for completing the Quest: A unique Redwood EdVentures Quest Patch. Continue reading HCOE Announces Redwood EdVentures Bike Quests