Adorni Offers Fitness Reimagined

This article is written by Bess Ogden, one of the instructors for the Adorni Center.

Seems like the older we get the harder we fall, and the harder we try to avoid it! When was the last time you fell? Was it while you were doing something new, something fun, or not so much? Did you hurt yourself?

Oh my goodness, the wonderful falls I’ve had as an older adult:

  • That time I decided to be a roller derby girl
  • Snowshoeing last winter up at Horse Mountain
  • When I was WAY into Spartan obstacle races and learned (again) how to swing on monkey bars
  • Practicing Dancer and Crow pose during yoga 

See, that’s what I LOVE about functional fitness. Sometimes we’re going to fall down. The question is, can you get UP? If you hurt yourself falling, can you HEAL up?? Functional fitness focuses on practical movement and daily life activities. Be strong. Be nimble. Be flexible. Keep a wide range of motion in all your joints. Fall and then spring up to do it again!

The Adorni Center truly does offer “fitness reimagined”.

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