City of Eureka Launches Brand-New Non-CRV Glass Recycling Program

The City of Eureka is excited to announce a local solution to a global problem.

Video about New Eureka Non-CRV Glass Recycling Program

The international recycling market has collapsed leaving states and municipalities changing the collection and allocation of recycled materials.  Recycled materials which were previously shipped and sold to China are now stuck in the states with little alternatives for domestic recycling processing and sales.

The City of Eureka is launching a new local glass recycling program to address this very issue.

Currently, glass containers are differentiated by CRV and non-CRV. CRV stands for California Redemption Value. CRV containers charge an automatic deposit at time of sale which is redeemable when turned back into a CRV collection location. Eureka residents should continue to bring their CRV glass to Humboldt Waste Management Authority (HWMA) for redemption or place into their Recology recycling totes. This new program is specifically for non-CRV glass. 

The self drop-off program will have three bin locations spread across Eureka of which all are free and accessible 24/7.

The locations include:

  • Eureka Municipal Auditorium (1120 F Street)
  • Highland Park (dead end of High Street off of McDonald Street),
  • Adorni Center Public Parking Area (southeast corner of L and Waterfront Drive)

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