Eureka Parks and Recreation Newsletter Statistics

The Eureka Parks and Recreation newsletter is the most extensive form of regularly scheduled publicity we use.

Using Mailchimp, a commercial vendor, to send out and manage our growing newsletter subscriber base allows us amazing capabilities.

A few of those capabilities are:

  1. First of all, all mailings adhere to the can-spam act.
  2. Subscribers are categorized by their interests; allowing us to send them information most relevant to them. They can change their interests whenever they see fit.
  3. Archives are kept on-line so those who prefer to see the newsletter via a browser can do so. it also allows us to to keep our newsletter history on line. (To view a recent newsletter, follow this link.)
  4. Autoresponders and automatically triggered emails are sent to our subscribers based on variables such as when they signed up as well as to send them a special gift on their birthdays. In addition, it allows them to update the type of mailings they have received after they have been on our list for 60 days.The report below shows the result of our main automation report since its inception. It also shows that although government services usually get a 20.3% “open” rate, this mailing is getting 27.7%.

    Eureka Parks and Recreation newsletter automation overview

  5. Newsletter “campaigns” can be A/B tested based on several variables, allowing us to maximize “open” and “click through” rates.
  6. We are able to tell exactly what links readers clicked on, letting us know what is most interesting to them and tailor our newsletter and blog postings to those interests.The report below shows a “click through report” showing what subscribers wanted to read most in a recent mailing. (If we desire, we can dig deeper and actually see which subscribers clicked through.)

    click through report

  7. Special “forward to a friend” and “sign up” links on each newsletter let subscribers inform others who might be interested, expanding our reach. (To see what the sign up form looks like – or to sign up – follow this link.)

Because of all the work we are doing, we are getting strong consistent responses and our list is growing nicely, allowing us to better serve the people of Eureka.

This graph shows the history of our mailings showing them to be effective.

history of emails

If you’re interested in increasing your reach to this vital expanding audience, please fill out this form or call us directly at (707) 441-4248

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