Eureka Parks and Recreation Blog Statistics

In many ways, our blog is a hub for much of our activities at Eureka Parks and Recreation.

Via pages, posts, and links, we are able to provide up to the minute information about our classes, special events, and a whole host of other activities. Once published on the blog, every post is syndicated to Facebook and Twitter and many times, slides are also made for our electronic bulletin board at the Adorni.

All blog posts are categorized and tagged so that readers can quickly get to related posts.

This strategy of all media supporting other media makes it easier to disseminate information to the public, and helps get information distributed on a wider level.

This screen shot from the blog’s dashboard shows that, as of the date this page was published, we had 161 posts, averaging about one new post every other day. According to many search-engine-optimization experts, an “active blog” (which helps search engines find it better) needs to post two to three times a week, which we have consistently done.

blog followers and sharesThe following chart helps verify that our strategy is working, showing that people are finding our blog from a wide variety of sources.

top referrers

The chart below shows the most popular posts on our blog since its beginning in mid-2015.

top posts for all time

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