Eureka Parks and Recreation Social Media Statistics

Interested in getting your name in front of thousands of active Humboldt County residents?

Here are just some of the ways Eureka Parks and Recreation can help you reach them. (We are continuing to add additional outlets with YouTube, Google+, and Instagram coming soon.)

Because successful marketing requires reach AND frequency, all media support each other.

To clarify that, when something is posted on our blog, it automatically syndicates to Facebook and Twitter and a slide is made for our in-house electronic billboard. After each newsletter mailing (below), the newsletter is then also posted on Facebook and the Blog (further syndicating it to Twitter. The newsletter is also sent to all City of Eureka employees (over 400 people).

In House Electronic Billboard:

flat-screen-tvFront and center at The Adorni is a large screen television monitor which continually changes slides, promoting events at the center as well as through out the city – as well as giving publicity to our partners.

You can see examples of some of those slides by following this link.

Our Blog:

You’re obviously aware of our blog (you’re reading from it right now), wordpress logobut you might not know how many engaged, enthusiastic readers it has. With several posts per week, it is the “go-to” site to find out the latest news and information about “all things Eureka.”

Started in mid-2015, it has grown a huge following with views from all over the world. To see a detailed look at it’s growth and its most popular posts over the last year, follow this link.


settings-logo-facebookWe have two very active Facebook pages which are growing at an amazing pace with lots of “likes,” “shares,” and “comments.” You can find them at and

From May 1, 2015 through April 30, 2016, each of these pages has more than doubled its audience.

To see a detailed look at their growth, audience make up, and some of the top posts and viewership during that period, follow this link.


Twitter-Logo-3Our Twitter handle (@EurekaParksAndRec) was started in mid 2015 and, as of May, 2016 is approaching 200 followers.

To see a detailed look at our analytics for our Twitter account, follow this link.

Mailing List:

MailChimp-LogoEverything is tied together in a comprehensive communication package by our e-zine, which goes out the first week of every month (sometimes more often) to over 4,000 residents. This interactive, dynamic, engaging ezine not only brings a monthly roundup of everything happening in Eureka to its readers, but allows us to get real-time information about what readers actually click on within the newseltter, giving us the ability to tailor what we send, making sure our readers get the information they want and require to make decisions about how to spend their time. This also drives interested readers back to our blog, further increasing the effectiveness of our marketing strategies.

We never spam our subscribers. Everyone on the list has double opted in, making sure they really do want the mailings, and helping to ensure that our readership stays engaged and doesn’t drop off.

To get more detailed information about our subscribers and readers, follow this link.

A Note about Other Media:

We periodically also advertise in traditional media (TV, Radio, Print). We also make effective use of flyers and banners on a regular basis. Sponsorships and partnerships – depending on the package – will also be featured in those.

If you’re interested in increasing your reach to this vital expanding audience, please fill out this form or call us directly at (707) 440.9271