Press Release: Status Of Local CRV Buyback, Garbage, Household Hazardous Wastes and Recycling Activities in Humboldt County

Press release: EUREKA, CA –  Businesses that support waste handling activities in Humboldt County are identified as “critically essential” under the current Covid-19 pandemic.  Following local, state and federal declarations of emergency, Humboldt Sanitation, Humboldt Waste Management Authority (HWMA) and Recology have each modified operational schedules and practices to ensure the dependability of core essential services. Our primary focus is maintaining curbside collection services and disposal of garbage generated at our local transfer stations by Humboldt residents. In order adequately staff our modified operations, we have had to temporarily suspend portions of our business that do not represent critical infrastructure and essential services.  CRV Buyback is one of those activities.

CRV buyback operations are typically very busy with close contact customer and employee interactions.  Risks of exposure to coronavirus exist through the direct physical handling of used CRV beverage containers and cash payments to customers.  Staff typically assigned to CRV are needed to support our modified operational schedules. There are also unusual obstacles in maintaining 6’ social distancing and ensuring face covering requirements.  Making certain that onsite safety guidelines are followed by the public is beyond the scope of our employee’s duties. Because of these conditions, and the fact that there are other avenues of collection recyclable materials, buyback centers were closed in March and will continue to be closed.

We are actively monitoring conditions as the State of California and local governments move to relax the Shelter-In-Place orders. Humboldt Sanitation, HWMA and Recology will accept CRV containers when and if conditions allow. As operators responsible for handling Humboldt’s garbage and recyclables, we are committed to an incremental phased return of our non-essential services, and one that ensures the health and safety of our customers and employees during the pandemic, consistent with guidelines issued by the State of California’s Resilience Roadmap and public health officials.

Curbside Collection Routes

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Self-Haul Recycling Still Available At HWMA

Recycling Update:

The public may still self-haul their recyclables to Humboldt Waste Management Authority (HWMA) Transfer Station (right side entrance). However all material is placed into the mixed stream bins and charged a minimum $2.00 fee.

Recognizing the recycle center could spread Covid-19 by direct handling of used recycling containers, on March 16th we suspended CRV Buy Back activity in an effort to protect health and safety of our employees and community.  A constant challenge under normal operations has been related to the public crowding each other and our employees.  We are examining how we can resume activities and maintain social distancing when it is deemed safe to do so.  CalRecycle was charged with developing guidelines that are expected released today under the Governor’s order issued last week and we will evaluate the information once it is issued.

We are not accepting source separated material as we don’t have the space on the transfer station side to store the bins, nor available staffing to receive and operate source separated activities such as the baler.  Recycling staff were reassigned to receive training and provide coverage at the landfill in the event of illness outbreak, as well as being assigned to the Transfer Station. ​

Household Hazardous Press Release follows:

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Eureka City Mayor, Susan Seaman, to publish weekly video address

The address will be Friday at noon

Eureka, CA (March 30, 2020) – The City of Eureka is actively monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. City staff are working to support the health and well-being of local citizens, the community, and the economy while continuing to provide all essential services.

Effectively immediately, each Friday at noon, for the duration of the COVID-19 state of emergency, Mayor Susan Seaman will be releasing a community update video that includes the latest information about the City of Eureka’s response to COVID-19.

Mayor Seaman’s first PSA was released last Friday and is available to view on the City website and Facebook page.

Expect the second Mayor’s PSA to be released Friday, April 3rd at noon.

In addition to the weekly address, additional short form videos with varied topics and timely updates may be published by the City and will be made available through the same channels.

Community Services Recreation Program Cancellations

City of Eureka Suspends Most Public Gatherings Through March

The City of Eureka is taking steps to suspend many of its public gatherings throughout the City until the end of March. The decision follows recommendations from the California Department of Public Health to slow the spread of the COVID-19.

The following facilities, programs, and activities will be suspended through March 31st 2020:

The Adorni Center beginning at 5pm March 13th including:

  • Drop-in sports
  • Fitness classes
  • CPR classes
  • Rentals

Youth and Adult Sports beginning immediately including:

  • Hoopsters practices and games
  • Men’s Basketball and Woman’s Volleyball games
  • Roller Skating at the Muni beginning immediately
  • The Annual Easter Egg-venture
  • Community Class i.e. Toddler Soccer and Bitty Basketball
  • F.U.N. Play Center
  • The Wharfinger and rentals beginning on Monday, March 16th
    • Staff will be onsite for essential services

The following programs and facilities will remain open until further notice:

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City of Eureka Cancels or Postpones ‘Non-Essential’ Events and Gatherings

City of Eureka press release:

Due to recent concerns surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and in line with County, State, and Federal guidelines and recommendations, the City of Eureka, in an abundance of caution, will be postponing or canceling non-essential City events, community gatherings, and engagements involving more than 250 people, and in many cases, smaller gatherings, until further notice.

According to the California Department of Public Health, the timely implementation of aggressive strategies that create social distance and those that reduce close contact of people not regularly together, including limiting gatherings, has proven effective at delaying rates of transmission and reducing illness and even death in prior pandemics.

The City encourages residents and visitors to consider doing the same with their planned private events, especially those that serve an at-risk population.

Additionally, the City has implemented the following precautionary measures:

  • Non-regulatory Board and Commission meetings will be canceled until further notice: Art and Culture Commission; Eureka Energy Committee; Economic Development Commission; Open Space Parks and Recreation Commission; Housing Advisory Boards.
  • All non-essential City travel and training has been canceled.
  • All recreation programs including Hoopsters basketball, adult sports and roller skating are canceled until further notice. Please see the review a full list of closures on the City’s web site:

The City of Eureka will continue to operate after school programs and Little Sapling’s daycare and will follow any recommended school closures should they be implemented. Eureka Police Department and Humboldt Bay Fire continue to respond to all calls for service and have developed contingency plans to address any possible staffing issues due to COVID-19. The Sequoia Park Zoo and all other City facilities remain open to the public with increased attention on Social Distancing.

The City of Eureka will continue to evaluate the COVID-19 situation and provide updates as warranted. The City is committed to protecting our community and to ensuring the safety of all residents, visitors and City personnel. We strongly encourage residents to avoid non-essential gatherings, practice good hygiene (hand washing etc.), and exercise preventative actions.

For current updates regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and tips on preventing the spread of respiratory viruses, such as Coronavirus at the Humboldt Health Alert website.

Please see this special announcement about classes and events from Eureka Community services here.

City of Eureka Celebrates Another Successful Employment Workshop

The City of Eureka’s Pathway to Payday is a four-day employment workshop that takes place in partnership with the Betty Kwan Chinn Day Center. This event focuses on the enhancement of application, resume & interview skills, & offers participants the opportunity to interview with real employers for real jobs, receiving tangible feedback that they can apply to future interviews.

To date, Pathway to Payday has garnered a 90+% success rate with participants who complete all four days receiving either a second interview or a job offer.

This week, 23 of our valued community members completed the December 2019 Pathway to Payday event while 22 of these individuals received either a second interview or a job offer. Further, the participating businesses had overwhelmingly positive feedback about the candidates they interviewed.

Below are some excerpts from the participant surveys collected:

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Job Opening: Recreation Leader After School Programs

The city of of Eureka (Community Services Department) is inviting applications for the position of:

Recreation Leader After School Programs

—an equal opportunity employer—

OPENING DATE: Dec 1st, 2019 –  CLOSING DATE: Open until filled


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Open Space Parks and Rec Commission Meetings

The Open Space, Parks and Recreation Commission (OSPR) is a City of Eureka commission that serves in an advisory capacity to the City Council, City Manager, City Staff in matters pertaining to public open space, recreation, parks and landscaped squares and grounds

Meetings times/dates for December and January OSPR meetings are listed below.

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Humboldt Waste Management Authority Disposal Guide

Humboldt Waste Management Authority offers disposal options for a variety of items from trash to TVs. They have provided these visual disposal guides to ensure you are disposing of unwanted items properly.

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