First Ever Eureka Beer Mile April 20

The first official Beer Mile in Eureka will be held starting at 2 PM on April 20th, 2019! This event will be produced by Humboldt Bay Marathon in partnership with The Booth Brewing Company, Humboldt Made and The City of Eureka.

What is a “Beer Mile”???

Simply run a mile while also chugging 4 beers. Fastest time wins!


One 12 ounce beer must be consumed before each lap around a 1/4 mile track. For official rules, see the official Beer Mile website.

The official world record is an incredible 4:33.6 by Corey Bellemore of Canada. Here’s a video of another world record setting run.

Beer Mile runners must be at least 21 years of age and must also bring a designated driver. Your designated driver must also be available to volunteer during the race.

We will also have a Root Beer Mile for runners who want to be a part of this fun event but without drinking beer. (Designated Drivers may participate in the Root Beer Mile!)


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Latest Podcast: This Month in Eureka Recreation now on line

FREE!The November episode of the FREE podcast “This Month in Eureka Recreation” is now available.

Have you ever wondered what goes into putting together city wide community events, sports leagues and programs?  Is our job really anything like the Parks & Recreation TV show? Well, now you can find out.

This month, the last episode of the year, Ashley and Scott (and the newly unveiled “Silent Joe) share a few laughs together as they talk about the “Arts and Culture Festival”, rain, art and culture. This episode is a nice warm hug to Eureka. No spoilers, so we’ll see you in January.

Listen to it on your computer here.

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Additional Bench on Waterfront Trail

The latest bench to make its debut on the Waterfront Trail is called the “Timber Heritage Bench.”

It’s by Jona Kavanaugh and it’s located by amphitheater at Halvorsen Park.

It’s a perfect bench to photograph for the Great Eureka Bench Crawl.

To see all bench art posts, follow this link.

Win prizes at Arts and Culture Festival Scavenger Hunt

We’re bringing the Scavenger Hunt back for the Arts and Culture Festival!

It was one of our more popular events at Get Out and Play Day last July so we’re doing it again!

Here’s how to play:

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Great Eureka Bench Crawl – Win a Prize!

Would you like to win $50 to the Carter House Restaurant – for simply taking some pictures?

Of course you would!

So, help us celebrate the grand opening of the Waterfront Trail, and the installation of all the new artistic benches – and win a prize for doing so.

Here’s how it works.

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New Interpretive Signs on the Trail

The Waterfront Trail’s new interpretive signs are being put in place!

As we get ready for this Saturday’s big event, folks have been diligently putting up signs along the trail to give you a better understanding of the history of our area.

Shown are just a couple of them.

Meet local artist Diego Harris – Part of Arts and Culture Festival

Meet Diego and hear about how he created two unique pieces.

Diego harris is one of our six artists commissioned to create artistic interactive benches for the Eureka Waterfront Trail. He will be discussing both of the pieces he has created.

See below for exclusive information and pictures from the Timber Heritage Bench. (Images are not yet available for the Kinetic piece.)


  • Saturday, September 29 • 12:00PM
  • Behind Target
  • Hear about how he created an unique piece representing our local railroad industry.

  • Saturday, September 29 • 4:00PM
  • Halvorsen Park
  • Hear about how he created a unique Kinetic themed piece.

About the pieces:

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