Member and Facility Policies

Adorni Member & Facility Policies

Policies established by the Adorni Community Center are in place to protect both members & the facility and are essential for maintaining a safe, welcoming, and enjoyable experience for all. Policies are subject to change and it is the responsibility of all members to stay current on updates to current guidelines.

Standards of Behavior:

For the enjoyment & safety of all participants, the Adorni Community Center expects all participants to treat each other & the facility with respect & abide by all Adorni Community Center rules & policies. The Adorni Center reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for failure to abide by these standards. All complaints are to be directed to the front counter where staff can assist in getting the information to the facility supervisor. Concerns regarding other members of the Adorni Community Center should be addressed with front counter staff. Inappropriate language, including profane or abusive, is prohibited. Members may be asked to leave the facility for using inappropriate language, depending on the severity. Aggressive behavior, including posturing, threats, & physical contact will result in a member being asked to leave for the day. Depending on the severity of the altercation, the member may be suspended from Adorni Community Center activities for an extended or indefinite period of time.

Music Use:

As a courtesy to other members, personal music players require headphones at all times.

Youth supervision:

Children who are not participating in Adorni Center activities cannot be in the facility unsupervised under any circumstances. Please refer to the age guidelines listed in this packet for activities youth may participate in.

Lobby/Facility Guidelines:

Basketballs are to be held when in the lobby & workout spaces.

The following activities are not permitted in the Adorni Center:

  • Running, horseplay & rough housing.
  • Chewing gum.
  • Drinks containers without lids.
  • Inappropriate use of equipment.

All participants are required to wear a shirt & appropriate shoes (closed toed, no black soles).

All participants must check in at the front counter prior to participating in any activities. Members receive scan cards upon signing up and are to scan in at the front counter each time they use the facility.

Cardio Equipment Use:

All members must sign up for cardio equipment prior to use. A workout may continue as long as needed unless another member signs up for the same piece of equipment, in which case the workout must be limited to 30 minutes (if the workout has already been more than 30 minutes then the member has 5 minutes to wrap up the current workout and allow the next member to get on).

If a member is waiting to use a piece of equipment they must sign up on the white board for the desired piece of equipment in order to be next in line to use it.

Once a workout is complete, members are to use designated disinfectant cleaners & member towels to wipe down the equipment. Please place used towel in the laundry receptacle in the lobby.


It is requested that members avoid wearing perfumes & strong scented lotions while in the facility as some individuals may have sensitivities to certain fragrances.

Appropriate Gym Attire:

All participants at the Adorni Community Center must wear:

  • Shoes (closed toed only – no black soles).
  • A shirt.

Personal Property:

Participants are responsible for lost or stolen property. For convenience & added security, lockers are available to store personal items during workouts

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