Let’s Beautify Old Town

Join the City of Eureka and the Da gou rou louwi’ Cultural Center as we begin a series of events to beautify Old Town.

This first event is limited to cleaning up the beds around the Gazebo. There will be weed and grass pulling and, time permitting, we will lay down weed mats.

The long term vision is to plant native species and have it be an interactive area for locals and tourist to enjoy. Come join the City of Eureka and Wiyot Tribe as we beautify the heart of Old Town.


  • Location: Old Town Gazebo, Eureka CA
  • Date: Saturday, June 11, 2022
  • Time: 10 AM PDT – 12 PM PDT

Come help beautify Old Town!

RSVP at the Facebook event here.

Want to know more about the cultural center?

Da gou rou louwi’ = “the ongoing return of all”

When naming our new Cultural Center, Da gou rou louwi’ Cultural Center, we wanted a name that described that this place will house the ongoing return of all thoughts, things, ideas, and initiatives that are important to Wiyot people. This includes sacred and ceremonial practices, Soulatluk (the Wiyot language), lifeways, cultural traditions, healthy land, water, air, plants, and animals, the return of our Ancestors from museums so they can be laid to rest, a voice in our collective history, and a stronger, more cohesive Wiyot Community. Da gou rou louwi’ encompasses these ideas and goals.

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