6th and 7th St Lane Reduction Survey

If you drive 6th and 7th Streets on your way to work or during the course of your day, you’ve probably noticed the temporary lane reduction we’ve put into place this week.  We’re trying to get feedback from residents and motorists to learn what people think of the temporary change.  Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey linked below and give us your thoughts.


For more information on this project in particular, as well as other transportation safety efforts in the works, please check out eurekatrafficsafety.com

Some high-level information about the 6th and 7th Street project is below.

Demonstration details: The City will install cones and signage to close the right lane on both 6th and 7th Streets between Myrtle Avenue and ‘L’ Street between June 6th and June 13th, 2022.

Reason for the temporary lane reduction: The City is exploring ways to re-envision the way 6th and 7th Street is used. Implementing a short-term trial installation will allow users to experience what this option would feel like, allow staff to evaluate the pluses and minuses of the lane reduction, and allow the public to give input on what their opinions are about the temporary trial.

Possible positive impacts: Reduction of one lane of traffic may reduce speeds and enhance the pedestrian and bicyclist experience.

Possible negative impacts: Downsides of the lane reduction may include increased travel time and traffic congestion

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