Eureka Facilities Master Planning Meeting

The City of Eureka has created a draft a Citywide Public Facilities Master Plan to align current community objectives for public facilities with the City’s overall planning goals and Capital Improvement expenditures. The Plan expands upon the City’s practice of portraying clear objectives for public facilities and establishing a future vision and achievement strategies to implement improvements to public facilities. The information obtained from the Plan as well as concepts presented within can act as a planning and maintenance guide for the City of Eureka.

We invite the community to review the draft master plan document at…/facilities_master_plan.asp

We also invite the community to attend this public meeting to receive a short presentation and to provide feedback.


RSVP at the Facebook event here.

More info about the plan:

The Plan works to help guide decision-makers and inform the public about the City’s future public facilities goals.

The Plan reaches 30 years into the future. Planning and expenditure focus on the next 10 years and highlights alternative pathways that could be taken related to maintaining existing infrastructure or replacing existing infrastructure with new.

Phase 1 is recommended be complete by 2032. Future updates to the Plan are recommended every 10 years to ensure alignment of public facility goals and improvement expenditures with City of Eureka operational and community needs.

Additionally, collaboration with The County of Humboldt remains a viable option should City and County governments wish to co-locate at a site or group of buildings.

The study area for this Plan update is the City of Eureka’s nearly 15-square mile city limits. Eureka’s Sphere of Influence, including the Humboldt Hill Area, Cutten and Ridgewood Area, and Mitchell Heights area were considered as part of this plan. Facilities and infrastructure operations of similar communities were studied for comparative efforts to Eureka’s operations

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