Lemonade day

Support Local Young Entrepreneurs On Lemonade Day August 14

Lemonade Day is Coming to Humboldt on August 14

It will help young entrepreneurs ages 6-18 with interest in planning their own Lemonade Stand.

They are working in partnership with AEDC and are looking to recruit mentors. Because the commitment is short it’s a great way for those that can’t make the full commitment of a year, but know how important the investment of time is for our youth.

Want to know more?

Visit this link, email fparks@ncbbbs.org or call Florence Parks at 707.445.4871


Lemonade Day is a chance to help today’s youth become the business leaders, social advocates, engaged community citizens of tomorrow…one lemonade stand at a time! Thank you for choosing to take on this two-month commitment to work one-on-one or in a small group with lemonade day participants as they go through the steps of starting their own business, from setting a goal to setting up a stand.

After 10 years, Humboldt Lemonade Day is partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the North Coast to match mentors with participants to create an even more engaging program. Humboldt Lemonade Day will provide step by step guidance for the process, but the lemonade stands can be as unique as those who are developing them.

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