Community Services Recreation Program Cancellations

City of Eureka Suspends Most Public Gatherings Through March

The City of Eureka is taking steps to suspend many of its public gatherings throughout the City until the end of March. The decision follows recommendations from the California Department of Public Health to slow the spread of the COVID-19.

The following facilities, programs, and activities will be suspended through March 31st 2020:

The Adorni Center beginning at 5pm March 13th including:

  • Drop-in sports
  • Fitness classes
  • CPR classes
  • Rentals

Youth and Adult Sports beginning immediately including:

  • Hoopsters practices and games
  • Men’s Basketball and Woman’s Volleyball games
  • Roller Skating at the Muni beginning immediately
  • The Annual Easter Egg-venture
  • Community Class i.e. Toddler Soccer and Bitty Basketball
  • F.U.N. Play Center
  • The Wharfinger and rentals beginning on Monday, March 16th
    • Staff will be onsite for essential services

The following programs and facilities will remain open until further notice:

  • Little Saplings Preschool
  • Cooper Gulch After School Program
  • The Sequoia Park Zoo

City staff will contact registered attendees and event organizers to discuss rescheduling when possible. The City will continue to monitor all non-essential facilities, programs, and activities beyond March.

To learn more about precautions to keep yourself and others safe, please download this PDF here

Please see the City’s press release here.

2 thoughts on “Community Services Recreation Program Cancellations”

  1. I understand and comply with aspects of caution during this time. I do not believe the virus is going to go away. The flu , the common cold, HIV and many other infections live with us and we learn to cope with them. Most of us recover from the virus, and some ( we don’t know how many) are asymptomatic and there may be people who are not susceptible to the virus. I believe those people who are willing to have more contact and participate more in their habitual activities should be able to do so. Yes, with masks and good ventilation and lots of hand washing.
    Those people who do not feel safe or comfortable or are at greater risk are free to protect themselves and stay home.
    If daycare centers with little people running around are open, then why not allow adults who are , for the most part, more conscious to run around as well.
    How long can we afford to wait? Til we get a vaccine? Til the virus disappears?


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