New Belly Dancing Class Starts August 12

Brittney Hall, our new fitness instructor, will be starting her new Belly dance class Aug 12th.


  • Mondays from 6:35-7:35PM
  • Starts August 12
  • At the Adorni Center
  • Free to Adorni members

About Belly Dancing:

Belly Dance is the oldest and most beautiful dance in the world. It is safe for children, teens, adults, and the elderly. This dance is fun and a good workout. All ages are welcome to join. This belly dance class is low impact so it is gentle on the joints. This class includes various stretches to work out the hips, arms, wrists, belly, back and shoulders. Egyptian walk to master slowly walking forwards and backwards while switching hands and arms. Figure 8s which stretch and strengthen the hips, as well as omi which looks and feels like moving the hips in small circles.


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