New Header for our Newsletter!

If you get our monthly newsletter, you will notice a new header.

We’re very excited about it. (Yes, we’re kind of nerdy; we accept that.) But the old header was just a throw-something-together idea that we needed quickly and we were going to replace quickly. (If 3+ years is “quickly,” we’re golden.)

If you don’t get our newsletter, you really need to! You can sign up at this link

Anyway, the header was designed by our own Debra Tebbs. Below is a little about her with a few of the other logos she’s done for us at the bottom of the page. (Deb can be reached at

“I was born and raised in the Los Angeles beach area of Southern California. I loved So. Cal. but the excessive heat finally got to me so I sought out a cooler climate. My daughter and I moved to Eureka after checking out Humboldt County last summer. We both fell in love with the forest, the beaches (Trinidad Bay being my favorite so far), the pastoral farmland, the feel of a small town while still being a vibrant hub of the county – it was like all the best of every place we’d ever lived, plus more.

My background in art started at an early age, I’ve always loved to draw and paint, always involved in arts and crafts of all sorts, a lover of all sorts of music – though an amateur musician myself. I love to attend symphonies, plays, opera, the ballet. I’ve been working in the Art & Graphics field for almost 40 years. I started out freelancing as a graphic artist for various print shops and when Adobe came out with a graphics program for Macintosh, I returned to school to learn computer graphics, eventually running my own graphics business for 20 years in Dana Point CA. I am now working for the City of Eureka in a couple of positions, one which allows me to work the front desk of the Adorni Center on the weekends, and one which lets me design logos for buildings and community activities which haven’t gotten a visual identity yet. Some of my designs include the Wharfinger Building, Adorni Center, Coopers Gulch, Little Saplings, and the Eureka Public Marina.  I am loving my job, and my new city, so happy to be in Humboldt, which truly feels like home.  I am anxious to get settled here and to become more involved in the community. 

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