Meet local artist Diego Harris – Part of Arts and Culture Festival

Meet Diego and hear about how he created two unique pieces.

Diego harris is one of our six artists commissioned to create artistic interactive benches for the Eureka Waterfront Trail. He will be discussing both of the pieces he has created.

See below for exclusive information and pictures from the Timber Heritage Bench. (Images are not yet available for the Kinetic piece.)


  • Saturday, September 29 • 12:00PM
  • Behind Target
  • Hear about how he created an unique piece representing our local railroad industry.

  • Saturday, September 29 • 4:00PM
  • Halvorsen Park
  • Hear about how he created a unique Kinetic themed piece.

About the pieces:

These benches are here to give visitors and locals alike a place to relax and take in some of the beauty of Eureka. Both benches were built by Northern California artist Diego Harris (, whose works are primarily large abstract steel sculptures.

Timber Heritage Bench

This bench commemorates Eureka’s long and proud history of its timber and railroad industries.

Inspiration for its design was taken from the strong and practical designs of industry as well as the grace and beauty of nature and how they can exist in harmony. Thank you to the Timber Heritage Association and the Blue Ox Millworks for providing materials for Steam Engine Bench.

About the Kinetic Piece “Metal in Motion”

This bench commemorates Eureka’s Kinetic Sculpture Races.

Since 1969 the Kinetic Grand Championship, as it is known, has been a local tradition.  Now a world renowned event it consists of teams of artists who race handmade human powered sculptures.  The race takes place over a three day period on Memorial Day Weekend and covers a variety of adverse terrains.  Although Metal in Motion does not actually move, its design has been inspired by the offbeat and whimsical style of this event and gives visitors some idea of what the Kinetic Grand Championship has in store.

For more information on this event please go to

To see all bench art posts, follow this link.

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