Meet local artist Yannis Stefankis – Part of Arts and Culture Festival

Meet Yannis and hear about how he created two unique pieces.

Yannis Stefankis is one of our six artists commissioned to create artistic interactive benches for the Eureka Waterfront Trail. He will be discussing both of the pieces he has created.

See below for exclusive information and pictures.


  • Saturday, September 29 • 2:00PM
  • Wharfinger building
  • Hear about how he created an unique piece representing our local fishing industry

  • Saturday, September 29 • 3:00PM
  • Del Norte Street Pier
  • Hear about how he created two unique pieces that double as a play structure

About the artist:

Wharfinger Building Location

“For the Warfinger Marina, a sitting bench was created to give rest to people going by.  The bench depicts our wonderful fish and marina life here in Humboldt County, and to appreciate that God has provided the delightful taste of crabs, oysters and salmon.  For the mammal species, I have chosen a mother seal and her young one to remind us of their love for one another.

Del Norte St. Pier Location

“It was an honor to create the benches for the two locations by the Del Norte Playground and the Warfinger Marina.

I created a life-size dolphin and shark for the purpose of letting the children of all ages enjoy and appreciate those two wonderful local ocean creatures.”

To see all bench art posts, follow this link.

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