ECO Eureka Teaches Kids About the Environment

Last Friday, June 1,  E.C.O. Eureka presented at the Redwood Environmental Education Fair (REEF) at CR.

Schools from all over the county bring 3rd-8th graders for educational presentations. We did 3 fifty five minute classes with 3rd and 4thgraders. E.C.O. Eureka educated them about storm water and storm drains. There was a short homemade video about storm water in Eureka and where it goes. They then used an EnviroScape model which simulates how rain falls and drains to nearby waterways, picking up anything in its path including pollutants. Then the kids got to help install a storm drain marker on a storm drain on campus. They helped choose the location and helped prep the cement to be ready for the glue.

Everyone had lots of fund engaging over 60 young minds about their environmental impact and many were very passionate about the topic. We look forward to REEF 2019!

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