Reminder: Sign up for Classes Early to Avoid Cancellation

At Eureka Community Services, we love to provide lots of fun community classes.

If you’d like to attend a community class (or you’d like your kids to do so), it’s important to register early because some of these excellent programs may be cancelled if you wait until the last minute to register because all program need to be cost effective and cannot run if we don’t get enough participants.

Please register early to avoid disappointment.

What are community classes?

Community classes ­are open to Everyone in the entire community (hence the fun name).

They have a set topic with a group of attendees who go through the whole course.and run on a set schedule (such as Mondays from 6-8PM from April 3 through May 10, ex. Beginning Pottery class); or they repeat regularly with a different group of people attending each time (such as the third Saturday of each month at 7:45AM, ex. CPR class).

Community classes have a set fee above and beyond the cost of membership at the Adorni (although Adorni members save 20% off the fees as a benefit of membership).

Unless otherwise stated, all community classes take place at the John Ryan Youth Center at 1653 J Street in Eureka.

To see all community classes on our blog (including past classes), click on the “community class” tag at the bottom of any community class listing or click on the link on the left side of the blog that says “community classes.” (You can also follow this link.)



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