Free Tire Recycling Coupons at the Adorni

The Adorni center has free tire recycling coupons for Eureka residents.

Did you know that tires are banned from the trash can and can be recycled into new products?

Vouchers are available at the Adorni Center allowing you free drop-off to Humboldt Waste Management Authority (HWMA) through June 7, 2019


  • Nine or fewer tires may be dropped off with a coupon
  • If a customer wishes to bring more than 9 tires at one they  must speak with either Jill Duffy, Executive Director or Tyler Egerer, Director of Finance, to walk them through the proper procedures and receive approval
  • Both tires on and off rim will be accepted at no charge
  • Passenger tires and light duty truck tires accepted. Retail or commercially generated tires, semi tires, tractor, or grader tires and solid tires not valid under the coupon program
  • Maximum of 3 coupons per person at any one time from a coupon distribution location
  • No charge only available when a valid coupon is presented

HWMA is located at 1059 Hawthorne in Eureka.


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