New Year! New Name! New Logo!

Looking for Eureka Parks and Rec’s blog?

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place!

Because of how much more we’re doing, we’ve changed our name to “Eureka Community Services.” We still take care of Parks and Recreation, but we do so much more. Please help spread the word.

Wondering what else we do? Follow this link and watch the short video or read the list below:

  • Parks and Recreation Facilities
  • Sequoia Park Zoo
  • Harbor Operations
  • Trails and Environmental Programs
  • Solid Waste Management and Diversion Programs
  • City Facility Rentals
  • Empower Eureka: Our Volunteer Programs
  • E.C.O. Eureka
  • Community Access Project for Eureka (C.A.P.E.)
  • “Let’s Get Real Eureka” Anti Drug Program
  • Community Podcasts
  • Traveling Library



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