Update: Tai Chi Moves to Sundays Starting Nov 5

As of the first week in November, our Tai Chi class will be moving from Saturdays to Sundays.

It will also move from its current time, with the class moving to 10-11AM.

Note: the class will continue to be on Saturdays from 5-6PM this Saturday and next Saturday (Oct 21 and Oct 28).



  • Ages: 16 and older
  • New day starts: Nov 5,  2017
  • Every Sunday from 10AM to 11AM
  • At the Adorni
  • Taught by Sher Iwanski
  • Included in Adorni membership

About Tai Chi:

The exercises emphasize continuous flowing movements that unite the body, breath and mind. There is a focus on specific movements from the Simplified 24 Tai Chi form.

Benefits include increased flexibility, leg strength and balance, as well as the effects of meditation such as a reduction in stress and anxiety.

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