Dan Wu Dao Class Starts October 28

Dan Wu Dao is a qigong training system that develops and strengthens awareness of qi, our vital life force, through practice of the basic stances used in Qigong and Kung Fu.

It improves posture, balance, physical strength and mental focus, for integrating body, mind and spirit.

The class will include stretching and warm-up exercises (some floor stretches), practice of basic qigong forms, and meditation. The later classes in the series will practice the Dan Wu Dao sword form.


  • John Ryan Center
  • Ages: 16 and older
  • Oct 28 – Dec 16; Saturdays 9 to 10AM
  • $50 per participant for Eureka Residents
  • $53 for non residents
  • 20% discount for Adorni Members

Register here or call 707.441.4248 to sign up.

Note:  The Taiji flow class that was previously planned to start 10/28 has now changed to this Dan Wu Dao class.

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