Sequoia Park Community Focus Group

Your Park. Your Community. Your Voice.

The State Parks Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) is developing and producing a statewide video project about the value of Parks & Recreation. They are traveling to parks all over California, and will be making a stop at Sequoia Park.


  • Monday, August 28th • 3pm
  • Sequoia Park Zoo Flamingo Room
  • Take Home a Redwood Seedling & Enjoy Free Pizza!

This will give the public a voice that can reach high levels of state government, including all park agencies throughout California, health agencies and foundations, universities, the Legislature, and the Governor Jerry Brown’s Office.. The video will also go to the National Park Service which means it will have the potential to influence other states.

Come share your story about Sequoia Park, and talk about your positive experiences as well as your concerns.

There will be FREE PIZZA, and each participant will receive a sappling to take home.

See a video here.


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