Trash Can Transformation!

You may have noticed some changes around town… new city garbage and recycling cans are slowly spreading across the city!

Our Parks and Harbor Crews, along with Recology Humboldt County, are hard at work removing old trash cans and replacing them with new garbage and recycling cans that will help our community keep more waste out of streets and storm drains while also diverting more recyclables away from the landfill.

In 2016 Parks & Recreation staff surveyed existing, what we call, street cans in the city. We found a mishmash of different styles in a wide range of conditions. Some were broken, some were rusted, and many were tagged with graffiti and had irreparable damage and irreplaceable parts. Parks & Recreation and Recology Humboldt County, worked together to find solutions that would better serve our residents and visitors while resisting abuse from inappropriate activities and the environment.

Once we settled on a style, we consulted with other cities who had purchased similar street cans to verify their quality and durability. We also ordered one experimental street can to be installed in Old Town for a few months as a pilot project. After a successful tenure at D St and 1st Street, Recology ordered new garbage and recycling cans for all 130 street can locations in the City.

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