Kids Improv Classes All Levels Jan-March 2017

Kids’ improv classes are returning in early 2017 for both beginners and intermediate

Beginners will learn the basic tenants and skills of theater arts, including: blocking, projection, mime, enunciation, body work, character development and introductory production skills. Kids with little to no experience on the stage will learn to be comfortable in front of an audience. Additionally, kids will be empowered with a strong foundation in the theater arts, thus making it easier to become involved in scholastic and community theater.

Children with previous theater classes or performances, are encouraged to join the intermediate class to further hone their skills. This class will work more intensely with improv skills (escalating, “Yes, and…”, etc.). Students will work with one, long monologue throughout the class and perform it for their friends and family during the final class. Classes will primarily focus on games, with time set aside for monologue work. Some homework will be given.


  • Both classes run Mondays Jan 23 – March 6, 2017 (no session Feb 20, 2017) at the John Ryan Youth Center
  • Ages: 7-12 for either class
  • Beginners meet from 5:30 to 6:30PM • Intermediate from 6:30 to 7:30PM
  • Beginners class costs $45 for Eureka residents/$46 for non-residents • Intermediate class costs $50 for residents/$51 for non-residents
  • Register for beginners by following this link or going to the Adorni.
  • Register for intermediate by following this link or going to the Adorni.

For questions, call the Adorni at (707) 441-4248


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