Free October Conservation Lecture at the Zoo

There will be a second free conservation lectures at the Sequoia Park Zoo in October.

conservation-lecture-elephantsFREE Conservation Lecture: Elephants in Tanzania – Friday, October 21

In In their presentation, Elephants – Winning the War on Ivory, Krissie Clark & Wayne Lotter of PAMS Foundation will discuss how an intelligent multiagency approach is the way to win the War on Ivory in Tanzania. This project is supported by Sequoia Park Zoo’s Quarters for Conservation fundraising efforts. PAMS Foundation has revolutionized conventional anti-poaching tactics and notched up remarkable achievements. Using an innovative intelligence-based multi-agency approach, which includes field experts, rangers on the ground, aerial surveillance, prosecutors, investigators, and community support, Tanzania has arrested many of the biggest ivory traders. Attendees will learn how these efforts have reduced Tanzania’s nearly 10,000 elephants killed a year by more than one third.

The Lecture will be held in the Zoo’s Flamingo Room with a reception and conservation crafts sale starting at 6:30. The Lecture will start at 7pm. This is a FREE event!

Visit this page at Sequoia Park Zoo’s website for more information about the lecture and the speaker.

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