Need Your Help With Fun Project About Sequoia Park

Sequoia Park is one of Eureka’s greatest assets and has been for decades.

We are now at the beginning of a process to update and enhance Sequoia Park to make the park even better, provide more fun opportunities, and make it accessible for people with all abilities – while still maintaining the natural free play spirit of our park. Over the next couple of years we will be further developing a concept to do those, while seeking public comment. We will also be engaged in fundraising.

How does this affect YOU?

To get started, we need images of Sequoia Park from years past. If you have ANY photos of the park that you’re willing to share (and allow us to use in promoting the project), we’d really enjoy seeing them. We’re especially interested in photos of old attractions, sculptures, fountains, and play equipment that have been in the park.

Please email photos to (If you know what year your photos were taken – or have any other information about them – please share that information as well.)

As the Sequoia Park project progresses we will continue to share updates. If you have friends that are interested in the future of the park as well, please forward this email so that they can get signed up too.

Thank you for being involved in this very exciting project. If you have questions, ideas, or suggestions, please get in touch.

By the way, please like our new Sequoia Park Facebook page:

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