Intro to Pokemon Go! as Part of Get Out and Play Day


This free, unique activity is designed for families & their children who are new to, or curious about the new gaming phenomenon Pokemon Go!

next gen logoThe event will be part of #GOPD2016 on July 30, 2016 at 11AM at the Adorni and brought to you with the help of Next Gen Eureka.

Topics include:

  • Tutorial of Pokemon Go!
  • Review of Public Open Spaces to Hunt Pokemon in Eureka
  • Safety Tips for Playing Pokemon Go!
  • Guided tour of Halversen Park while you hatch your eggs!

Participants must sign a waiver to participate.Minors should be accompanied by an adult. Participants must have Pokémon Go installed and accounts created on their Apple or Android devices in order to participate.

Download a flyer here.


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