Willpower 101 For May 28, 2016: Circles of Support

Have you ever changed a habit – only to have it come back later?

The reason is you didn’t change the cause, you only changed the action.

On Saturday, May 28, 2016 (delayed from April), we’ll take a look at the many levels of change one needs to understand in order to make habits change forever. We’ll also identify the people and environments supportive to us – and those that are counterproductive. And come up with some simple steps to get past them (or get more support).

willpower-101-logo-smallIf you have ever promised to get fit, lose weight, stress less, or just lead a healthier lifestyle – and you didn’t stick with it – this monthly, uplifting, powerful, interactive session is exactly what you need! Powerful coaching and direction from professional motivator, Scott “Q” Marcus.

The next session is this Saturday, April 30, from 10AM-noon at the Adorni Center and we’ll focus on how change your attitude to be happier, even when things are necessarily going the way you want

Register here (or just show up). If you just show up, please allow about 15 minutes for registration so be there by 9:45

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