Three Ways to Play Adult Softball

As we’re gearing up for our summer adult softball league, we wanted to remind you that you can get involved as either a team, an individual, or a sponsor.

  1. Form a Team! With co-workers, family & friends!
  1. Sign up as an Individual! Individuals, couples or small groups wishing to participate but are not yet on a team may sign up as Free Agents. Instead of waiting on a list for a team to pick you up, individuals can now register themselves and we will place you on a team.  The Recreation Division cannot guarantee placement of players, but once we have 12 or more free agents and at least one person is willing to manage, we can form a team for you.  Staff will contact all of the team’s participants and share their contact information with the manager.  Teams will be created a minimum of one and a half weeks before the start of the season.  Registration fees will be taken once a team has been formed.
  1. Sponsor a Team! Sponsoring provides a terrific public relations opportunity as program supporters will experience a number of valuable benefits. Association with Eureka Recreation’s well-received, family-oriented activities will increase visibility within the community, reach a broad customer base and send a message of strong community support, making Eureka the ideal place to live, work and play!

Remember, no matter what you choose, team registration is happening now for Men’s League!  You must submit a roster with at least 9 signatures with league and non-resident fees.  Deadline to register a team is May 20th

Interested in playing in the Co-ed League?  Stop by the Adorni Center on Tues., May 24th at 6pm for a league organization meeting.

For more information please call 707-441-4245.

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