Wee Readers Family Literacy Program at Betty Chinn Day Center

Did you know that reading to young children increases brain development at an early age and better prepares them for future learning?

Children who are read to at an early age are also more likely to be able to begin to read on time.  Reading to infants allows for a social and emotional development that is vital for a happy and healthy family to flourish.

FREE!Parks & Recreation has partnered with the Betty Kwan Chinn Day Center to offer a Family Literacy Program for 0-5 year olds & their families.  This program is free and will includes a featured book of the week read out loud to the group, along with accompanying songs & activities.

Current schedule

  • Week 1: 3/1/16 Puppet Show • Enjoy a special puppet show from a HSU Professor.
  • Week 2: 3/8/16 It’s Okay to Make Mistakes • KEET Kids Family Fun Time features a book teaching children to embrace being themselves.  This week will also feature clips from the PBS Show Odd Squad.
  • Week 3: 3/15/16 Tortoise and the Hare • The animals gather for a race and an unlikely participants wins!

This program takes place the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Tuesday of each month 11am at The Betty Kwan Chinn Day Center – 133 7th Street in Eureka.

Call 707.407.3833 for more info.







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