You Want to Workout, BUTT…

Let’s be honest. It’s tough enough to get the motivation to get on the exercise equipment as it is.

It’s even more difficult when all you see is the rear end of the person in front of you.

All of the equipment at The Adorni comes with a striking view of the waterfront so you can get in shape while enjoying what you’re looking at (no butts about it).

So, if you’re looking for fitness classes and community classes and a conference center and great support in a beautiful environment, come check out The Adorni.  (And oh yes, we have great equipment with an awesome view.)

January membership special

The Adorni Center is offering an amazing fitness deal this month so not only can you work off those few “holiday pounds” but you can save big while getting in shape.

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll waive any initiation fee ($35)
  • Your first month’s fee will be cut by 20% (no matter whether you sign up as an adult, youth, senior, or our family plan)
  • You can get a FREE session with a personal trainer who will show you how to use any or all of our fitness machines, which are set up to give you a stunning view of the waterfront while you’re working out
  • He or she will also help set you up on a personal program to target your goals; whether they be lose a few pounds or develop a dynamite set of six pack abs.
  • You – as always – can attend any of our great fun fitness classes at no extra charge. This includes Zumba, Yoga, Fight to Fitness, and so much more!
  • As a member, you get a discount on any of our premium classes too.
  • And once you’re a member, if you invite a friend, you’ll get February free too as part of our other special promotion. (click here to find out more about that)

We’ve got more in the works, but everything above is as of right now. Think how great you’ll feel come Spring. Imagine how much more confidence you’ll have.

All you have to do to get started is call 707.441.4248 or just swing by the Adorni Center at 1011 Waterfront Drive and sign up now.

Why wait to feel better?


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