UPCOMING DEADLINE: Make the difference in the life of a child

Each year, Eureka Parks & Recreation’s Hoopster’s Youth Basketball Program provides hundreds of local youth the opportunity to engage in a physically healthy activity, develop character, create strong peer relationships, learn teamwork, engage in their community and much more!

The season is only a few weeks away from starting, and while we have enough coaches to serve a few hundred youth participants, there are still nearly 60 local youth who are sitting on a waiting list, hoping someone will step up to the plate in the next two weeks to coach so they can participate in the season this year.

If you have ever wanted to make the difference in the life of a child, becoming a Hoopsters Coach may be that opportunity you’ve been looking for. The commitment is only two-hours a week; one practice, and one game, and for just two hours a week, you can make an impact that may last a lifetime.

No basketball or youth experience required! Parks & Rec staff will provide a comprehensive hands-on training on the basic fundamentals of basketball, how to format a practice, as well as an overview on how to successfully facilitate activities with youth. Parks & Recreation staff will also work close with you to provide on-going support throughout the season.

This holiday season, give the gift of mentorship and allow a child to participate—call us by our special extended deadline of tomorrow, Friday, December 4th at 707-441-4240.


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