free event at sequoia park on october 22

Exciting Addition to the Line Up for Tomorrow Night’s FREE Fun, Family Event at Sequoia Park

Tomorrow night from 6-8PM is “Wild Nights: Bugs, Bats, & Owls – Oh my!”

explore eureka logoIt’s the next in our “Explore Eureka”a series and it’s getting even better!

Here’s the latest news:

In addition to getting a free gift for knowing our secret phrase (below), there will be LIVE owls at this event!

  • The Humboldt Wildlife Care Center will be on-hand from 6:30pm-7:30pm at Sequoia Park with three very special guests:
    • AJ-A Greened Horned Owl
    • Tey Kwes (AKA Spotty)-A spotted owl
    • Chillido-A Western Screen Owl

Learn all about AJ, Tey and Chillido as you get up close and personal with these amazing nocturnal wonders! 

What else is happening?

  • There will be educational and activity booths
  • Make Your Own Flying Bat Craft
  • Bug Costume Booth

Like astronomy? Then you’ll love this event too.

  • Learn the Constellations
  • Stargaze with Telescopes
  • Make Your Own Star Chart

Mention our secret phase, “WHEN YOUR BACKYARD LOOKS LIKE THIS, YOU DON’T HAVE TO TRAVEL THE WORLD TO GO EXPLORING!” at the Astronomy table and take home a free star wheel to navigate the stars and constellations from anywhere!

Remember, this is all part of Eureka Parks & Recreation’s Outdoor Recreation’s—Bugs, Bats & Owls…OH MY! Taking place this Thursday, October 22nd from 6pm-8pm.
Please call 441-4244 for more information.
View more details (and even sign up for our ezine) here.

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