Party in Pink Makes Front Page of the Times Standard!

Wow, how cool is this! If you saw the front page of the Eureka Times Standard today, you saw a great photo taken by Heather Shelton.

In case you were not aware of it, this was our third annual “Party in Pink Zumbathon” organized by our own Michaele Whiteley last Saturday, October 10, 2015. We had a great turn out and raised funds for the local breast and gyn  health  project in Arcata for our friend Rose.

Ten instructors from all over Humboldt a Monique and Junior who drove down from Oregon were there. They were a blast. Greg Parnell brought his disco light which set the party mood at the Wharfinger. There were over 80 donations and a raffle from local businessPIP-Booty-bump

Here’s a fun photo of Michaele and Renee doing a booty smack own-as others  joined in. Thanks to everyone who got involved.

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